I have taken a long leave of absence which has most likely gone unnoticed. During this time I decided perhaps WordPress wasn’t the platform for me, maybe I should try something new so on an impulse, I created a blogger account. I hated it ten times more. The layouts were terrible and I think WordPress definitely has a nicer setup. After deleting my blogger hosted blog and deciding to return to here I thought I should address a few things.

I have gone back on this blog and deleted almost all of my old posts. I’m not sure why, once again another impulse move. For one of my new year’s resolutions I am going to keep up this blog and do it regularly as opposed to the slacker attitude I’ve had towards it this year. On many occasions have I started a blog and after a fortnight, gotten bored and given up. Year beginning 2014, I will not give up.

For the sake of content, I am going to paste over a couple of posts which I posted on my aforementioned, now deleted, other blog. Hope you enjoy the read.

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