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As the year comes to an end I thought it would be apt to have a final round up of my favourite editorials of the year from the 4 main Vogue’s minus American as I didn’t see anything I particularly liked there this year (so British, Italia & Paris).

I do not know what makes the perfect editorial, I’m not sure anybody can have a fool-proof formula. I know that I like to see a model who I like, a well styled outfit and an overall aesthetically pleasing image. This post will be very photo-heavy so beware.

British Vogue

This is a magazine that I have a monthly subscription for, which upon receiving the letter telling me it was time to renew I questioned for a while. Overall I enjoy the magazine. Sometimes they write interesting articles and have some decent editorials; other times it’s just Cara Delevingne and the rest of the British fashion clique along with some dull articles about middle aged women and their new pursuits in the country. I understand I am probably not their target market being a normal teenager from an average income family who can’t actually afford anything they put on the pages. What made me renew my subscription was the hope that it will improve in the new year (not looking good as Cara is on the January cover) and the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed this year’s September issue.

“Somewhere Girl” – November 2013

Model – Andreea Diaconu

Photographer – Glen Luchford

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“Heartbreak Hotel” – April 2013

Model – Guinevere Van Seenus

Photographer – Javier Vallhonrat

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“Orient Excess” – March 2013

Models – Fei Fei Sun & Sui He

Photographer – Mario Testino

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Vogue Paris

All three times I have been at the airport this year I have picked up a copy of Vogue Paris and every single time I have enjoyed what I have seen. Reading them has also helped me try to keep up my small understanding of the French language from school. Every issue I’ve bought has a cover to triumph the British Vogue’s equivalent of that month and made me wish for a subscription to this edition instead.

“Les Feux de la Nuit” – June 2013

Model – Joan Smalls

Photographer – Mario Sorrenti

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“Etoile de Lima” – April 2013

Model – Kate Moss

Photographer – Mario Testino

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“I Love New York” – February 2013

Models – Natasha Poly & Tony Ward

Photographer – Terry Richardson

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Vogue Italia

Unfortunately this year I have only managed to pick up one copy of VI but luckily it was the June edition with Gisele on the cover. Reading the magazine I had literally no idea what the words said, I couldn’t even make a guess, as the language was so unfamiliar yet I enjoyed it so much due to the wonderful images inside.

“Make Me Up” – November 2013

Models – Stella Maxwell, Kate King, Luma Grothe & Carola Remer

Photographer – Ellen von Unwerth

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“Glitter” – November 2013

Model – Tiana Tolstoi

Photographer – Serge LeBlon

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“Private Elegance” – September 2013

Model – Ondria Hardin

Photographer – Paolo Roversi

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“Luxury” – June 2013

Model – Gisele Bundchen

Photographer – Steven Meisel


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I am considering making a separate post for other editorials which I think deserve a mention however I felt it was important to round up the best in the four main Vogue editions as they are undoubtedly the biggest.


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