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In light of Lady Gaga’s heavenly campaigns for Versace where she is Donatella’s mini-me, I have decided to take a look at some of my favourite celebrity and fashion crossovers. Quite, often even though they don’t have the same skills as the models, celebrities are hired to be the face of a brand or even the face of a perfume. The outcome? Sometimes beautiful, sometimes bland.

Firstly, Lady Gaga’s Spring 2014 Versace campaign which I simply can’t not include:

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1 – Marilyn Manson for Saint Laurent Paris

Maybe I’m just including this because I’m a huge Manson fan and was excited to actually see him in a magazine again or perhaps he really was the perfect fit for Hedi Slimane’s grungy aesthetic.

“I’m the new, I’m the new new model”

2 – Victoria Beckham for Marc Jacobs

Back in the day before Victoria had secured herself a place in fashion as a designer she starred in the Spring/Summer 2008 ad campaigns for Marc Jacobs which were rather tongue-in-cheek and highly memorable; especially as she was someone who was mocked by the media for her lack of personality.

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3 – Rose McGowan, Lil Kim & Missy Elliot for Versace

Way back in 1999 when all aforementioned were at the height of fame they appeared in these Versace adverts (one of which has been my phone background for the past few months). Rose is absolutely divine.


4 – Lindsay Lohan for Miu Miu

I barely even recognise her in this picture from 2007. I much prefer her as a redhead than a blonde.

Miu Miu Spring-Summer 2007 Ad Campaign

5 – Léa Seydoux for Prada

She is a French actress whom I thought was simply a model upon seeing the short film and print adverts. Apparently she has been in a some movies and I’m assuming others who aren’t as clueless as me either recognise her or maybe have even seen her in some.

download (4)

Stills from the video


lea-paster_2517475a prada-candy-1 prada-candy-fragrance-wes-anderson

There has been many more celebrity/fashion collaborations, some of which have been unsuccessful in my opinion. Upon hearing the news that Kristen Stewart has been hired as the new face of Chanel, I was very disappointed. I don’t think she done a good job for Balenciaga so I’m not confident in her being able to produce a good campaign for Chanel.

Other advertisements which are sticking out in my mind just now are Scarlett Johansson for Dolce & Gabbana as she always looks incredible in them and Keira Knightley for Chanel.

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