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Newsflash: It is not the 90s anymore.

The era of the supermodel is well and truly over. Year after year, season after season, a whole bunch of new faces hit the runway only to be drowned amongst the sea of anonymous models who fail to make a splash in the long term. Long gone are the days of modelling’s Holy Trinity and the rest being at their peak and today we are back to the masses of girls who don’t make the same impact as the Supermodels did. 

What modelling era are we in right now? I can’t actually tell. The babydoll phase has passed; the Eastern European wave broke a long time ago; Glamazonians are a thing of the past – now we are back to plain, unidentifiable models. Each of these eras brought with them a group of memorable models who are still working or at least still remembered until today. Out of this years crop who will have the same staying power?

I have picked my top favourites whose careers I hope to see flourish and rise. While some of are not necessarily brand new models, ink on their contract still wet, they have been working for a few seasons and are still on the rise to prominence.

Elisabeth Erm


With a Moschino and Balmain campaign under her belt, walking in shows for many important designers including Chanel and Alexander McQueen, Erm is rising quickly to the top. She was born in Estonia and shares her birthday (February 2nd) with myself. For the S/S 2014 season she walked 64 shows. I can only wish her more success this upcoming season.

Online portfolio here

Anna Ewers


I have been following Anna’s career for around a year now after coming across her on Women’s (the agency) website and instantly being mesmerised by her face and hair. Since then she scored a Prada resort campaign and also a group shot Prada for the S/S 2014 season and Alexander Wang for the same. She has also made it onto the cover of Vogue Italia alongside 3 others. Her look reminds me of a combination of Claudia Schiffer and Brigitte Bardot along with something a little edgier mixed in. She hails from Germany and was discovered on a school exchange trip to Colombia. Truly a beauty.

Online portfolio here.

Malaika Firth


Prada’s first black model to get a campaign in 20 years. The last time that happened was Naomi Campbell back in 1994. Malaika has gone from an ASOS model to gracing the catwalk. I think she is someone who everyone is rooting for to do well. She signed with Premier Models in London after her mother phoning them when she was 17.

Online portfolio here.

Frida Aasen


Frida is by no means new to modelling having started out back in 2011 but she hasn’t yet reached the heights that I wish she would. I think she should have came up around the time Lindsey Wixson and Daphne Groeneveld came into popularity but she never did reach the same levels they did. She still is modelling now and I’m hoping she gets booked for ample shows this upcoming season but you can never be sure when a model has passed their “shelf life” so to say. The difficult thing about Frida is it may be too late for her, she may have missed her opportunity to become huge. We shall wait and see.

Online portfolio here.

Irene Hiemstra


A Dutch newcomer who has been modelling for the past year or two. She has one of the most interesting faces I have seen in a while. When I was looking at the shows last season, she continually stuck out due to her striking face. I tracked her tag on tumblr for a while and realised that I was a fan. Irene starred in the Prada S/S 2013 campaign last year. Success followed after she bleached her hair I would say. I look forward to seeing her on the runway again.

Online portfolio here.

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