Portrait of a Prada Girl

Now that it is around the time Spring/Summer collections hit stores magazines are showcasing the new season items increasingly. This helps me remember some pieces from the shows that I likely forgot. As there are so many shows in such a little time period, it truly is difficult to recall everything and every concept shown by each designer. Luckily, magazines are there to remind us of the best of the crop.


This brings me to the subject matter of this post. I read the February issue of British Vogue and, in the page showing the reader “What to buy this season” or “Things you NEED”, something along those lines, this season’s Prada bags were brought to my attention.
You know the ones, the classic shape but with a twist. That twist being a face printed on the bag. Upon seeing an image of one of the variations of the bag I fell in love again. The first time I saw the Prada collection on the runway (through style.com) I wasn’t sure how to feel about it. I wasn’t in love but I didn’t hate it, I just had some mixed emotions. Now after seeing the collection in print, in editorials and in the campaign I am all for it. Mainly just the bags.

Sadly, I cannot afford the £2400 price tag that was shown in Vogue as much as I wish I could. I am obsessed with them. I find something very intriguing about the image of me walking around with a bag with a portrait painted on it. I like the print, it is very much like a high brow cartoon. The bag itself could  be difficult to wear, I mean how often is it appropriate to carry such a bag? I would say I am mainly minimalist, lots of black or other block colours. Not so often prints. Yet I am in love with these bags. I want all of them. I wish I was a trust fund baby who could walk into the Prada store and buy them all at once.

If I could purchase any item from the whole of the Spring/Summer season, from every single collection showcased, I would pick one of these.

Have a look for yourself:

Prada+Spring+2014+Bags+Tom+Lorenzo+1 Prada+Spring+2014+Bags+Tom+Lorenzo+12Prada+Spring+2014+Bags+Tom+Lorenzo+5 Prada-Spring-Summer-2014--Paintings-Of-Femininity

First 3 images found here.

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