Taylor Swift Covers Wonderland

With a song by the same title on her newest album 1989, it only seemed apt that Taylor Swift made the cover of Wonderland Magazine, something that she has already done before. However, this time it is different. For the November/Decemeber 2014 cover, she looks amazing and totally transformed. Taylor Swift is somebody that I have never paid too much attention to, purely because her music is not totally to my taste. However, I do love her classics and biggest hits (as the tend to be the hits for a reason), so much so that I am seeing her in concert next year – a phrase that I never thought I would utter.

Seeing this magazine cover actually made me excited, something that is difficult to do considering the mass of uninspiring images that swamp the internet. It was fresh and, although the hairstyle is similar to that of her British Vogue cover (which I also loved), different: a new look Taylor Swift. Gone were the red lips, winged eye liner and side-swept fringe and in walks the sulty, slicked back hair and the subtly tanned and bronzed skin and most importantly, the thick and straight eyebrows. I wish she would stick to this look as, honestly, she has never looked better.

Throughout the editorial, she wears some of the best looks from the Spring 2015 catwalks, including the Prada coat with the seams (you know the one I mean). It was the first time I saw that coat and thought that it looked really good, and actually wearable outside of the runway context. Swift looks great throughout in a whole host of designers, including Miu Miu, Chanel & Marc Jacobs. I love seeing Taylor Swift in a fashion way because really, if she weren’t a singer, she could’ve been a perfect model. She has the height, the face, the body and is eerily similar to her friend, the supermodel, Karlie Kloss.

Read the full article (linked) where she speaks about her career, her latest album and love.

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