Gucci has to be, hands down, the most imitated brand of the past few seasons. The teddy bear-esque shaggy fur coats and snakeskin boots are just a few of the things that are now all over the high street that have been showcased in recent collections for the brand. With the recent news of the step-down of both Gucci’s creative director and CEO, the future of the brand remains unsteady. Gucci is a brand that, although widely imitated, is not wholly successful. Sales are slow and steadily dropping and despite the ready-to-wear being often stunning and successful in terms of trend starting and high street copies, the actual sales of them don’t tend to materialise.

Left - Gucci, Right - Topshop
Left – Gucci, Right – Topshop

Lots of people like to criticise Frida Giannini, the now past creative director of the brand, but I like her work. People are still pining for Tom Ford-era Gucci which ended literally a decade ago and that is often the root cause of their dislike for Frida. However, after the next ready-to-wear collection is shown in February the Frida-era at Gucci will also be over and, as of yet, a successor has not been named.

Business information aside, the subject matter of this post was to show a cheaper alternative to Gucci’s boots; the snakeskin ones in the adverts. Now I’ve already made a post about the blue ones which Marks & Spencer made an ankle-boot version but this is bigger and better. These beauties are from Topshop. Over the knee high and 100% leather, these are honestly some of the greatest copies that I have seen for a long time. Now I know it is slightly unethical to wear a direct copy of something, which is what these pretty much are (there are a few minor changes), but these are stunning. The boots are new season so its unlikely that they’ll go on sale, but if you have some Christmas cash or got a Topshop gift card, perhaps, this would be a great way to spend it?


Gucci – £2270

Topshop – £150

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