Mad Men Style: Megan Draper in “Tomorrowland”

As everybody knows, Mad Men is the most fashionable show on television. Even though it is set in the 60s, and eventually in the 70s, the outfits that they wear are some of the best in costume design of all time and are still so relevant today. The show has been nominated for countless awards and has won just as many. I am a little bit late jumping on the bandwagon, I only started watching it at the end of 2012 and am only beginning series 5 now. However late I may be, I can totally appreciate what I am seeing.

A character who I have loved in series 4 is Megan, a Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce receptionist and later Don’s secretary. She is glamorous and attractive whilst also seeming like a really nice character and a woman with goals, not unlike Peggy (who fears for her job prospects when Megan becomes engaged to Don).
I think my favourite moment involving her character from the entire series is when Sally, who has ran away from home to visit Don in the city, runs through the office and falls over and is then comforted by Megan. It is a sweet moment and I felt quite sad that Sally then had to go back to the cold and detached Betty, her actual mother. Throughout this series, Megan seems to be one of the few adults who actually gives Sally the care and attention that she is so clearly in need of. Anyway, this post isn’t meant to be an in-depth character analysis of Megan, a woman who has had so little screen time. It is intended to be something a lot less meaningful than that, purely a post appreciating her wonderful outfits: specifically in the season finale.

Let us commence! (Images are all from, purely because I have no clue how to screenshot tv shows…)

  1. THE SUMMER DRESS – In this episode, Don is taking the kids on a work trip to California and was expecting Carla, the nanny, to accompany them. However, Betty fired Carla before the trip leaving Don to find a last minute replacement who comes in the form of Megan. Et voila! This white and floral sundress is so pretty and I especially love how fitted and corset like the bodice is.640
  2. THE NIGHT OUT(FIT) – Megan is going for a night out with a friend she has met and wears this short black dress with a clever cut-out. I really feel that this dress is so current and would not look at all out of place if it were worn today.
  3. THE “SPILT MILKSHAKE” DRESS – When out at a diner, a milkshake is spilt and Don gets instantly angry. Megan, on the other hand, stays calm and deals with the situation quickly, whilst quipping that this is her last dress. As the saying goes, there’s no point crying over spilt milk(shake…)
  4. THE ENGAGEMENT ANNOUNCEMENT DRESS – Back from their trip from California, and after the bedroom scene where Don proposes (Megan wears a silk lingerie nightie but I didn’t feel that it should be included in the list just because its underwear), Don and Megan announce the news of their engagement to the others at the agency. She wears a coral long sleeved belted dress, a silhouette which is insanely flattering and a colour which is equally so.

I also feel like this list would be incomplete without mentioning the yellow a-line dress which Megan wears when Sally falls in the office. It is just sunshine and happiness in a dress! And oh the horror, she wears it in another episode too.

One of my favourite moments of the entire series
One of my favourite moments of the entire series


Secondly, I can’t complete this list without having just a brief mention of the bikini she wears whilst in California. I wish that I had one like that. The pattern is gorgeous.

So that is Megan’s best outfits from the season finale all mentioned. I am excited to watch the rest of the series just to see how they further develop Megan’s character, especially as she is now going to be Don’s wife, and also see how her outfits change. From seeing promotional images for later series, I can see that Megan’s style progresses as the series moves into the 70s. I think I am more excited to keep track of her fashion than I am to see how each storyline pans out. I am beginning series five soon, so please no spoilers (even if I am a few years late..)!

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