SHOPPING FIND OF THE WEEK: Gianvito Rossi vs Marks & Spencer

Left – Gianvito Rossi, Right – M&S

Now I must confess something: I have these boots. No, not the real-deal designer pair but the nifty, M&S copies. If you haven’t already guessed, I have an affinity with snakeskin boots. Me plus them equals happiness or a really good combination, whatever one you feel fits best. When I bought these boots, I got them purely because I wanted to buy another pair of the blue ones (because I adore them) but they were out of stock so instead I picked up this colour, thinking “what’s the harm in a neutral colour?”. I also planned to buy the same style of boots in black suede and I am so kicking myself for not buying them soon enough as they are now out of stock and as they are last year’s version, I doubt they will come back in stock. So instead of mourning over what could have been with me and my black boots, I got the neutral colour. So hey, in the space of 3 months I have accumulated 2 pairs of snakeskin boots. Not at all excessive…

I know nothing about the Gianvito Rossi pair, I have never even seen them in person. From what I read, they sound nice. Made from Indonesian Python skin, they certainly look good (and a bit better than the M&S ones unfortunately). They cost £1040 though, that’s the only problem. However, I can tell you a little bit about the M&S ones which are brilliant. Ok, they may just be made of plastic but they have a sturdy heel and are so comfortable. They have the “Insolia” technology in them which is M&S invention that is said to redistribute the weight to the ball of your foot so you can wear heels all day. I don’t know if the scientific stuff works but they are shoes that I have worn for 9 hour shifts (standing the entire time) and have come out with only moderately sore feet, more from the standing than the shoes.


Gianvito Rossi – £1040

Marks & Spencer – £22 (on sale, not all sizes are left)


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