The Rise of Designers As Aggregators – Fashionista Article

I want to bring your attention to this brilliant article on Fashionista, entitled the same as my title, about the increasing similarities between collections at fashion week. I think after seeing many of the shows at New York Fashion Week, I had an overwhelming feeling of “I’ve seen this before” and that is what the writer has picked up on.

I get it. Fashion is never entirely new. Everything has been done before. However, it is getting a little bit dull when designers are churning out collections that combine too many elements of another brand’s collection from just a season or two before. Now there are many undeniable similarities between collections and that happens every season. In fact, without that coincidence there would be no such thing as trends. There are some designers who are just so influential that there are elements of their work everywhere (take Phoebe Philo who is name checked in the article as an example).

I think the article is just a good read and is so relevant, especially after fashion week. It will also be interesting to see if the whole sixties/seventies trend continues in Milan and Paris like they have with many designers in New York, and also a little bit in London (think the suede skirt suit at Topshop Unique).

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