Keeping it in the Family: Lanvin SS15 Campaign

A mother-daughter duo is a bond that is often so strong that it is unbreakable. Family is so important to most people and certainly matters to me. Fashion is notoriously catty so having your mother there to have your back must be wonderful and a great privilege. This may all sounds a little bit out of the blue but it has a purpose. I’m talking about my favourite mother-daughter duo in the industry and probably the only one I’ll ever champion: Pat & Anna Cleveland.

During the internship I did last summer I had the chance to spend some time with Anna Cleveland. She was the first real model who I’d ever met and did a brilliant job of smashing every stereotype and clearing up every misconception that there could be about models. Firstly, she was the sweetest girl, so kind and so funny. Secondly, she ate all the damn time and it wasn’t just rabbit food. And finally, she did not look unhealthily skinny: not at all. But she was super tall: that is one thing about models that are true.

Before I met Anna, I didn’t know she existed. I did know about, and was already a fan, of her mother. I first read about Pat Cleveland in the book The Beautiful Fall which is a wonderful biography that parallels the lives of Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld in the 70s and beyond. According to the book, it was a time of high glamour but equally high competition. The two designers’ careers turned out very differently but their social circles were largely the same. Pat was a model who came over from the States and had lots of wild fun in Paris. The book makes you wish you were there to have experienced it all as they seemed to have a totally hedonistic, carefree life. After reading about Pat, I looked up some photos of her and discovered that she was actually a good model as well as party girl.


Usually, like most fashion-outsiders, I’m not a fan of nepotism which is what Anna’s entry into fashion is (in plain and simple terms). However, I don’t mind it in this case. Anna has been working for years and usually only walks a select few shows. She stays loyal to designers who have helped her (Zac Posen, Karl Lagerfeld etc) which I like. Also, she’s a nice person which helps my perception of her. Now this campaign has come along with her and her mother and I love it.

Lanvin did a similar campaign last year with Edie Campbell and her family but I wasn’t fussed for that. I love this one because I think it is such a strong photo. Their faces are framed wonderfully and they look more like twins than mother and daughter. There were also a few other fashion family portraits in the adverts but Pat & Anna’s was my favourite.

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