Fashion Flashback: Prada Fall 1988

This is Prada’s first ever collection. That’s right, ever. So how is it that it looks like, in terms of quality of pieces and design, that it looks like something from a well established designer? It seems to me that Miuccia knew what she was doing from the very beginning and tried to define the Prada aesthetic right from the start. Of course, there are many downright ugly pieces in this collection but it is rare that I like everything anyway. I think this has shown that Miuccia’s taste has always been slightly different from the norm.
By that I mean, look at this compared to other fashion trends from the 80s. You would expect lots of big volume, shoulder pads, big hair, over-the-top make up and so on (I know that sounds a bit derivative but I’m just stating what has been most remembered from that time) and Miuccia has presented the opposite of that. Yes there was some heavy satin (which I predict was only as shiny as in the images because of the camera flash) and lots of suits but there was none of that eighties excess that you would imagine. I prefer this Prada collection from many of the newer ones (think FW14) and kind of wish that Miuccia would go back to this simplicity, even just for one season. I think this is much more straightforward than what she presents now but it is interesting to see how she has evolved as a designer over the years.


Note: I am beginning a new series of posts entitled Fashion Flashback which will include videos of shows that I love and want to share with people. They will obviously be older shows, ie. more than 2 years old, that I think are important. I am not going to try and over-analyse the shows because that has been done countless times, I just want to appreciate them for their beauty and aesthetics.

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