Fashion Month in Fours

Now that fashion month has been over for a while, I’ve had time to reflect on everything and really form opinions. You know, taking a second look at things with fresh eyes really helps. Often something that I loved first time around doesn’t move me upon a second glance, and on the contrary, the opposite can happen and something that I hated, I now love, or like at least. So I’ve decided to do this the easy way, and the way that I’m guessing most of you would prefer, and keep it short and sweet. I figure there’s no point in rehashing out the stuff that I, and many other people, have already said, so this is probably going to be in list form. I’m doing 4 categories of “bests” with 4 picks in each of them, hence the title of this post. And just so you know, if I’m picking the best out of each four fashion weeks, Milan was hands-down my favourite. But that was no surprise.


Since when I’m doing my reviews, I pick out 5 shows that I like the best, it is easy to narrow down from that five into just one. What I did find was that I couldn’t actually remember any shows from London. When I was brainstorming this post, I wrote Altuzarra for New York and MaxMara for Milan, but nothing for London. I actually had to go back and look at my own post. That’s not so good and I think confirms that London’s fashion just doesn’t stick in my mind. That’s not to say that they are short of talented designers, because that’s not true, they just don’t stay in my brain the same way designers from the other cities did. Anyhow, I’m veering off topic.

  • NEW YORK – Altuzarra, but Jason Wu comes a very close second
  • LONDON – Tom Ford (is this cheating?)
  • MILAN – MaxMara
  • PARIS – Givenchy


You know, the set really matters. Sometimes designers just have a very bland runway that fails to separate their collection from the rest, and I think that is doing yourself a disservice. When I say set, I don’t just mean the physical set but I’m talking about the show production as a whole. Did the models do anything special or did they just walk up and down the runway?

  • NEW YORK – Kanye West x Adidas 
  • LONDON – ????? I can’t choose one. Any suggestions?
  • MILAN – Dolce & Gabbana
  • PARIS – Chanel


These are the girls who I seen in show upon show upon show. Some of them have been around for longer than others, like Taylor Hill who has walked Victoria’s Secret before, or Lexi Boling who has 5 Vogue Italia covers. Then there is Aya Jones, my favourite new face in years, who only debuted last season, and Mica Arganarez who reminds me so much of Gia: I think it is the hair.

  • Aya Jones 
  • Mica Arganaraz
  • Lexi Boling
  • Taylor Hill

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