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Until recently, I hadn’t heard of Lilly Pulitzer. You see, the brand’s founder and namesake has been called the “queen of prep” and I am far from it. Then a couple of months ago on Tumblr, I started seeing a few girls that I follow being asked their thoughts on the Lilly for Target line and I was intrigued.

Lilly Pulitzer herself went to school with Jackie Kennedy Onassis, and the former First Lady actually wore her designs on many occasions. The brand was established in 1959 and was popular for around two decades, specifically with socialites. The line was relaunched in the 90s and has been going strong since. Just search Lilly Pulitzer on Pinterest and you’ll fall in love, honestly. There are few things I love more than 60s, Palm Beach style. A lot of the images reminded me of Megan Draper’s outfits in Mad Men (specifically the Tommorowland episode, one of my ultimate favourites).

Vintage Lilly ad


The line, which is released this weekend, April 19th, is another one of those high-low collaborations, like Alexander Wang X H&M. I decided to have a look, and surprisingly I actually liked it. It is surprising because when you see the clothes I wear, I am perhaps the opposite of preppy. I don’t own a single button-down (I threw them all out when I left school in a protest, which I now regret…), I refuse to wear chinos, and the only time you’d see me in a pair of Hunter welly boots is if I was at Glastonbury (unlikely) or caught in a freak snow storm (but I’d rather stay inside). You get the idea.

Jackie Kennedy and her family

The line actually has a lot of nice swimwear, with beautiful prints and vibrant colours. I have a post on swimwear coming up soon actually (with none of these bikinis included, oops!) because I’m getting super hyped for summer, even though I haven’t worn a bikini for about two years. There are also a few classic shift dresses, sandals, flowy trousers and tops, and lots of cute accessories. Now I’m not someone to describe clothes as cute, but I feel like that’s the most apt word.

While I won’t be purchasing anything from the line myself (I vowed to never order from America again unless I really had to, damn custom fees), I can see it being very popular and perhaps even a sell-out. The collaboration doesn’t have the same hype surrounding it as H&M’s usually do, perhaps because H&M is worldwide whereas Target is U.S. based, but I think the market that they’re selling it in will respond well to it. I think Americans tend to dress a little bit differently than British people. I didn’t notice this until I started following some preppy girls on Tumblr and I discovered that there is a whole community who dress like that. In the UK, the only people who dress moderately preppy are those who go to private schools, but in the States, it seems to be more widespread, with specific concentrations on university campuses, particularly Ivy League schools.

Browse through the pieces on the Target website and let me know your favourites! My picks are the Fan Dance bikini and Boom Boom scarf, worn as a sarong, and the Boom Boom jumpsuit. I think the two aforementioned prints are definitely my favourites. Dare I say it, but the prices are actually pretty reasonable, better than a lot of designer-high street collaborations.

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