Summer bikinis


Since spring has now sprung, all I can think about is summer. There is a psychological connection between sunny weather and happiness, and I truly believe it to be true. There was one day of brilliant sunshine last week, and I went out and sat in the park with my friend, people watching and eating an ice cream, and it definitely left me in a good mood for the rest of the week.
I thought what better way to commemorate summer than by doing a bikini post? So here it is. Sadly, I’m not going on holiday this year. It sucks. But that doesn’t stop me from dreaming, so here is my fantasy wish list of bikinis. Some of them are quite similar (I really like the shape of the Zimmerman styles I included), and there’s not many bright colours, but that’s just me. For example, the Seafolly bikini (black with twisted halterneck) is available in almost every colour you could imagine. Also, a lot of these bikinis are pricey and don’t really reflect what I’d actually buy if I were going abroad, because I don’t have £100+ to spend on a bikini… Some websites that I’d suggest for cheaper alternatives are H&M (x, y, z) and also Forever 21 (x, y, z). Also, if you’re in the UK, definitely check out Primark (they don’t sell online unfortunately) as they always have a great selection at an incredibly low price point. Quality doesn’t matter that much for a bikini because you’re not going to wear them for years and years anyway, in my opinion.
Now excuse me whilst I daydream about being on a private yacht in Greece or somewhere equally as beautiful…
PS – Click on the images of the bikinis to be taken to the website where you can see prices, sizes, and purchase (if you wish to).

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