Blake Lively – Allure Magazine

Let me start off by saying, I used to idolise Serena van der Woodsen, or more so I wanted her life. Blake Lively, of course, played that character. With her flowing blonde tresses and her effortlessly stunning looks, she captured my attention and I have loved her ever since. After Gossip Girl ended, S (or should I say B?) got married and had a baby. Now she’s on the cover of Allure, and she looks insane – in the best way possible.

I really do think she’s incredibly beautiful and the hair and make-up in the cover shot just emphasise it. Everything is pared back, with her wearing just a crisp white shirt and no fussy jewellery. The make-up was done by Charlotte Tilbury, the woman who I’d love to hire as my personal make-up artist because she has the ability to make anybody look like a supermodel, and it makes it difficult to believe that Blake gave birth a matter of months ago. Seriously, if I looked even half as good as she does when/if I’m a mother, I will be thanking heavens above.

PS – There’s such a pretty black & white shot inside the magazine too. I’ll include it below.

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