American Vogue on YouTube

American Vogue on YouTube. I bet that’s something you never thought you’d see a decade ago…

The most famous fashion magazine in the world has a strong online presence nowadays. Strange to think that an institution that started in the 1800s is still at the forefront of fashion so many years later. A common criticism of American Vogue is that it is dated, and I think it can be fair to say that of the magazine. The few issues that I’ve read haven’t been brilliant but the editorials have been good. I feel like maybe the magazine is aimed at adults and the YouTube channel is trying to capture a younger audience, perhaps hoping they’ll be Vogue subscribers in the future?

The YouTube channel is actually one of my favourites. It is filled with interviews with both celebrities and designers, behind-the-scenes videos, make-up tutorials, models, and advice. My particular favourite series is 73 Questions. In it, a subject (usually a celebrity) is asked 73 quick fire questions, often in their home or workplace as they lead us on a tour around in a single continuous shot. It is very clearly rehearsed and can sometimes look a bit stilted, but the idea is good. The questions are usually fun and the subjects have been interesting, but predictable, so far. The most recent video was of Iggy Azalea and she actually came across well in it. For someone who receives so much bad press, she handled herself well and seemed quite friendly (and she had a nice car…). The Victoria Beckham video was the funniest in my opinion, and sparked a hilarious parody which Victoria herself even liked.

However, the ultimate best video, and the most unexpected, was Serena Williams’ 7/11 cover. You know the Beyonce video where her and her friends are just dancing around in a hotel room having a good time? Well Serena Williams, the April cover star, did her own version and it was hilarious. And you would never expect that from Vogue, right?

If you haven’t already, check out the channel. It is brilliant.

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