Louis Vuitton Palm Springs – Cruise 2016

You don’t expect fashion shows in California. Name a few big name designers who show at Los Angeles Fashion Week. It’s difficult, right? Most people when they think of California, they think of the beach, the free-spirited hippies, maybe even hipsters. But I think that might be changing. For one, Hedi Slimane moved the Saint Laurent offices to LA, but lots of you don’t like him so maybe he’s not the best example. Recently, Burberry put on a grand show in the Griffith Observatory to celebrate the opening of a new store on Rodeo Drive (and Rachel Zoe wore a brilliant dress to the event). And now, Nicolas Ghesquiere, everyone’s favourite fashion designer, decided to show the Cruise/Resort (once again, whatever your preferred terminology) collection in Palm Springs. Perhaps Southern California is the new New York?

The show was held at Bob Hope’s estate, a futuristic home that looks like it’s straight out of a sci-fi movie, and was attended by buyers, press, and celebrities, as you’d expect. I found a few more photos of the venue on The Telegraph website and it is simply amazing. If I had a spare $25 million, I’d buy it.

But the focus shouldn’t all be on the venue, but more so on the clothes. As Nicolas has done since he took the helm at Louis Vuitton a year ago, certain codes have been stuck to. For example, suede, leather, and metal riveting and studs featured heavily. As did an interesting triangle shaped cut-out on the midriff. I think that a triangle cut-out is probably the most flattering as the skin shown tapers to a point. There was also a wonderful leather jacket, worn by Mica Arganaraz, which looked almost weightless, due to laser-cut patterns all over, and created a feminine silhouette, cinched in at the waist. There were slip-dresses, exotic skins, tiny short-shorts, beautiful petrol blue bomber jackets, and a fantastic layered necklace spelling out “Palm Springs” that gave the I <3 NY t-shirts a run for their money. Also, there were wonderful prints. I’m not a print wearer, but I could change that for Nicolas Ghesquiere.

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