Let me start this off by saying one thing: I love hats, specifically big floppy ones. The kind that make you think of summers on the French Riviera, Grace Kelly in To Catch A Thief, or Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The brim should be wide (in my eyes, the bigger the better) and a scarf tied around the crown of the hat is an added bonus.

Left - H&M, Right - J.W. Anderson
Left – H&M, Right – J.W. Anderson

When I saw the J.W. Anderson hats on the runway at the SS15 shows I was so excited. I mean, of course I would be, the hats fit all my requirements. Big, check. Floppy, check. Preferably black, check. Unfortunately for me, the designer hat in question is hella expensive, especially since it’s only PVC (not real leather). Also, I’m not sure pleather is the best material for summer but fortunately H&M came out with their own version. To put it in short, it’s not leather, it’s just as brilliant, and it’s of epic proportions, similar to the J.W. Anderson hat. I first saw the H&M hat in store when I was with my mum and I said “If only I were in New York, then I’d buy it.”, but I bought it anyway. This is actually one of the few items that I’ve managed to get my hands on in this entire “Shopping Find” series. I realise that it will probably look ridiculous on and will be something that I get little use out of, but I love it. And one day when I’m living somewhere a little more lively I’ll be able wear it all summer long, free from judgement.

From the J.W. Anderson website
From the J.W. Anderson website

I think that’s one of the shitty things about fashion: you see something you love but it doesn’t work in your hometown. Often it’s just not appropriate to wear things you see on the runway, they don’t translate well into real life. I think this is less of an issue if you live in a big city or at least a cosmopolitan area because there’s always a smorgasbord of styles. Living in a small town near a relatively small city, I’d look like a damn fool in half the things I want to wear. I know people say fashion is about your own personal style and you should wear things because you like them, but often it’s better (and easier) to blend in/tone down your style if it feels more appropriate. I’m starting to stockpile things for when I move away and I really can’t wait to dress how I want, sounds ridiculous I know.

Anyway, back to the hat. I ordered mine online from H&M and they had a 30% off one item code (I think it was 3032 but I ordered it a few days ago so that might be wrong), so I got the hat for around £17.50 instead of £24.99. Hopefully that code still works for you. It was sent to me in the post with one of the leaflets saying “We miss you! You’re one of our best customers!”; my mum got the same leaflet the same day. But hey, I always appreciate a discount code! H&M used to have a great one where you got £5 off your order each time, but unfortunately it seems to have expired.


H&M – £24.99

J.W. Anderson – £495


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