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I thought I should address the question of “what does your URL even mean?” because, hey, it doesn’t fully make sense. No, I don’t really think Kate Moss should be the President (she’s not even eligible, you know, as a Brit), nor do I think she has a political career ahead of her. It is in reference to an interview in George magazine that she did way back in 1997. I think I briefly glossed over the meaning of the name when I first switched to this domain name, but since that was a while back now and some of you may not have seen it, I thought I’d explain again.

George, now defunct, was a political publication that also dealt with celebrity (think Vanity Fair, sort of) that was started by JFK Jr. and his friend back in 1995. The cover often featured a female model or celebrity, and one image that is often circulated is of Kate Moss as Eve (the biblical one) from her 1997 cover, shot by once-boyfriend Mario Sorrenti. In the interview, Kate is hypothetically President of the United States and answers questions based on what she would do if she were in this position. For example, she is asked to name a reason to go to war (there isn’t one, in her words), what her first act in office would be, and what her favourite presidential perk would be. It’s all a bit of fun, whilst being mildly political – the whole aim of the magazine.

George itself was a rather short-lived magazine. You see, it was started in 1995 by John F. Kennedy Jr, the son of President Kennedy and Jackie Onassis. Because of this, it was an instant hit since the launch issue but popularity waned. The hype surrounding it probably came from the fact that it was JFK Jr. who started the publication as in the 90s, he was a big deal. The Kennedys were one of America’s foremost political families of the entire 20th century, producing a President, Senators, Governors, Mayors, Congressmen (basically any position of power, they’d held it). Although in 2015 they’re not so powerful, the Kennedys are still one of the most fabled clans, hence why the magazine is still available online (mainly on eBay). The magazine ceased publishing in 2001, 2 years after the death of co-founder Kennedy.

I thought I’d include the full interview plus the cover of the magazine, just so you all know what I’m talking about. Also, fun fact: the magazine is available for sale on eBay. Some guy is selling a bunch of George magazines for $4.99 each. For example, you could buy the Kate Moss cover, or you could buy a Drew Barrymore as Marilyn Monroe cover? Your choice. Unfortunately that particular seller only ships within the U.S. so if you live elsewhere, try searching on your country’s eBay or continue looking on and just check the listing to see if international shipping is offered.

I hope this has clarified the meaning of the site name, and if you manage to get your hands on a back issue of the magazine: happy reading!

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