This post is an updated version of one that I posted a few months ago. I’ve added new links older ones sold out. Hopefully this helps as this has been a very popular post of mine, and I know these bodysuits are very much in demand just now!

I feel like I should maybe rename this series to “Shopping Find of the Month”, because, realistically, that seems to be how often I post them. Anyway, I digress. This find is a Nasty Gal lattice bodysuit. Lattice was featured in quite a few shows for the SS15 season, from Gucci to Givenchy, and initially I wasn’t sure that I liked it. I worried that it couldn’t work for the regular person in day-to-day life, and I’m still not convinced. However, I am starting to like it. It is good to see things like this on the runway for me as I can see how it looks on someone who doesn’t have ample bosom, to put it nicely, because I don’t either. So many things look better on those who do, but I think this is one thing that actually may work better if you don’t. You can see this on the model on the catwalk and also the model on the Nasty Gal site.

There is also a sleeveless version of the bodysuit available from Givenchy that I recently created a look on Polyvore using. It was available on net-a-porter and is sold out now, but I’ll provide the link anyway just in case it comes back in stock. I’m assuming it will also be available elsewhere as it seems to be one of the more popular items from the collection.

The (short sleeved) bodysuit has been used in the Spring advertising campaign as well so it has gotten a lot of exposure. Also, as you can guess, Kim Kardashian has worn it too. Basically anything tight and Givenchy, she will probably wear. I often like her clothes but a lot of the time I don’t think they work for her. I really just wish I had money like her so I could dress as well. I know this was like a year ago, but I still think she looked amazing in this Lanvin dress and MaxMara coat. Enough about her though, this is about the bodysuit. The only real noticeable difference between the Nasty Gal version is that the way the lattice ties at the bottom, like shoe laces, whereas the Givenchy one has a hoop bottom and centre to weave it all together. Basically, the Nasty Gal version is a brilliant dupe for a very reasonable price, and I’m thinking about buying it myself.

18/6/2015 – Updated Links

The Nasty Gal bodysuit is now sold out, as is the Givenchy one on virtually every site that stocked it (apart from Farfetch, £1495, but low stock). However, there are some more cheaper alternatives available. Pretty much every high street retailer has hopped on the lace-up front bandwagon, meaning there’s so many more options out there. Missguided has a brilliant lace up, sleeveless version, similar to the Givenchy one in the ad which I actually preferred. It costs £20 and they’ve restocked it a few times so if it is sold out when you look perhaps check back again a few days later. Also, eBay has some long sleeved ones available (virtually the same as the sold-out Nasty Gal one) for just £10.99 and it comes in a few different colours. I hope this helps if you’re trying to get your hands on them.


Nasty Gal – £46.11

Givenchy (at Selfridges) – £1350

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