Fashion Flashback: Chanel Metiers d’Art 2011/2012

Each year for the brand’s pre-fall show, Karl Lagerfeld takes the whole fashion crowd to an exciting destination and produces a collection, usually, of couture worthy standards. Destinations in the past have included Salzberg (2014), Dallas (2013), Edinburgh (2012), and, as shown above, Bombay (or Mumbai as it has been known for the past 20 years, I think). The collection is meant to play off the chosen location. For example, the Edinburgh collection featured lots of tartan, the Dallas collection was heavy on the tassels and typical western influences (including a rather tasteless Native American-style headdress), and the Bombay collection has lots of beautiful, intricate details and beading, typical of Indian clothing.

The collection was so beautiful, there’s really no other word to describe it. I think that Indian designs are just gorgeous. Have you ever seen photos from an Indian wedding? They make the typical big white dress fantasies disappear. One of my favourite YouTubers Kaushal Beauty does wonderful make-up videos, including this get-ready-with-me for an Indian wedding she attended. I recommend that you watch her videos!

Anyhow, this collection is simply beautiful and I encourage you to watch the video in its entirety. If you don’t want to sit through a whole 17 minutes, here’s a link to the collection on (with a review).

Note: I am beginning a new series of posts entitled Fashion Flashback which will include videos of shows that I love and want to share with people. They will obviously be older shows, ie. more than 2 years old, that I think are important. I am not going to try and over-analyse the shows because that has been done countless times, I just want to appreciate them for their beauty and aesthetics.


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