Kim Kardashian in Vogue Spain

Here is something that I never anticipated writing: an entire post dedicated to Kim Kardashian. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not her biggest fan. It’s nothing personal, and, in fact, she wouldn’t care what I thought about her, but I do try to refrain from talking about her. And yes, I’m one of the people who thinks she has little or no place in fashion. She may buy thousands of dollars worth of new clothes each season, but I can’t obsess over a woman who frequently wears cropped leggings with heels and makes it a sort-of-commonly-done thing.

All of her past editorials in fashion magazines I’ve ignored. The Paper cover was kind of gross, in my opinion, and yes the original “Champagne Incident” was better. The American Vogue cover was purely a sales gimmick. The recent System photoshoot (with Kanye) is a mess that I’ll choose to gloss over. The Vogue Brazil cover could’ve been nice if it weren’t for the awful blonde hair (I love Ellen von Unwerth as a photographer). The Vogue Australia cover and entire photoshoot was actually quite pretty. However, it wasn’t until I seen this Vogue Spain photoshoot that I actually thought “woah, Kim looks good”. So good that I didn’t actually realise it was her. When I initially seen the photos, I thought they were neat. I loved the pyjamas and the setting, and, most importantly, the lack of latex. The Beverly Hills Hotel is my dream hotel – just rent me one of the bungalows for a few weeks, please and thank you.

I find it funny how the one time I’m celebrating Kim Kardashian is when she’s probably tried the least. She is reportedly wearing no make-up, although that’s always disputable, and she actually looks pretty. I often think all of the contouring and fake lashes is more than she needs, especially because whenever she has shared bare-faced photos before, she’s looked so stunning. She really is a woman who can say “I woke up like this” (note: definitely not, I was born this way, however). The shots look very natural and she seems rather endearing. If only she did more shoots like this instead of having her assets constantly on display, I’d like her a hell of a lot more.

Hey, perhaps one day my opinion of her will change. I did used to like her back in the Paris Hilton friendship days, and I do think she looked her best around the time she married Kris Humphries. And lastly, her daughter is the cutest child I have ever seen. Brownie points for Kim.

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