SHOPPING FIND OF THE WEEK: Dolce & Gabbana vs AX Paris

Apologies for the lack of posts this month. I have been absolutely swamped. Any free time that I’ve had where I’ve not been working, I’ve been busy with other commitments. However, I felt that this dress was too good to ignore so I’m writing this post.

Left - Dolce & Gabbana, Right - AX Paris
Left – Dolce & Gabbana, Right – AX Paris

This is one of the few shopping finds that I’ve managed to actually purchase in this series (pay day last week, yaayy!) so I can tell you from first hand experience that it truly is a beautiful dress. The material is a body-hugging cross between scuba and neoprene that all of the stores seem to stock. Usually I don’t like this fabric much but it really works for this dress as it retains its shape whilst creating some for you. My body is pretty much straight up and down but somehow this makes me look like I have a slightly more womanly figure. Throw on a pair of black high heels and you’re sorted.

The story of how I found this dress all comes down to luck. You see, I was on my lunch hour one day last week when I decided to venture into New Look – a store I normally bypass but chose to go into because it was close by. I was on my way up to the shoe department when I spotted a dress with the same print at the bottom of the escalator. Instantly I was intrigued, purely because the print reminded me of Dolce & Gabbana’s carnation prints last season which I loved so dearly. The dress I seen was a 50s style prom dress – an item that I have no use for – so I took note of the brand and decided I’d try their own website in case they had other styles. Luckily for me, there were 5 different options, none of which were the dress I’d spotted in store. There’s the one I chose with the sleeves, there’s 2 with plunging necklines which I wrote off automatically, a sleeveless one with a notched neck, and finally a fitted one with thick straps which I loved until I saw the zip up the front. So basically, there’s lots of choice of styles if you like the print but don’t like the style I chose. All of the aforementioned are £30, apart from the one with the zip which is £35.

If you haven’t realised from previous posts on this blog, I love Dolce & Gabbana. If I could afford to dress exclusively in the brand, I would. I’d love to be the ideal Dolce & Gabbana woman like Bianca Balti who I think is just insanely beautiful, and even though the collections do look very similar each season, at least you know you’re going to get something beautiful. It isn’t like Prada (another brand I love) where one season I love it and get it, and the next I just find it quite ugly until it is visually explained to me via editorials and ads. When I seen this dress I knew I had to have it. And I now do. I am impressed by the quality of the dress and it has a concealed zip up the back of it which ensures a snug fit. Plus, there’s a 15% off code at AX Paris (AW15NEW) just now which makes it even sweeter.


AX Paris – £30

Similar styles (most are sold out as it was last season)at Matches Fashion: coat – £925, dress with fluted sleeves – £780, lace top dress with printed skirt – £825

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