Fashion Flashback: Balenciaga Spring 2003

Instead of going for a traditional show video, I chose this Fashion File by Tim Blanks – a show that he used to do years and years ago. It mixes clips from the show with interviews with the likes of Anna Wintour and Ghesquiere himself. I found this informational as well as fun to watch.

I find Nicolas Ghesquiere so interesting, purely because so few designers are as influential and remain so for so long. This show is over 10 years old, yet Ghesquiere has the same power to mould fashion now as he did then. Take his first 60s-inspired collection for Louis Vuitton; the 60s was pushed as a big trend and was in all of the fast fashion retailers a matter of months later.

I found his use of the scuba fabric interesting as it sticks tight to the body. The plunging necklines of the bodysuits and the mini dress have made a major comeback in 2015 with lots of designers showing them on the runways (Balmain and Alexandre Vaulthier, particularly) and similar bodysuits being available at almost every instagram boutique and stores like Boohoo and Missguided. Finally, the subtle ruching on the sides of some of the dresses is perhaps even more popular today than it was then.

I feel that this show has definitely stood the test of time as a lot of what he’s shown here could still be worn today. I’d be a Ghesquiere girl then, and I’d still be one now. My favourite looks are below:


See full collection here.

Note: I am beginning a new series of posts entitled Fashion Flashback which will include videos of shows that I love and want to share with people. They will obviously be older shows, ie. more than 2 years old, that I think are important. I am not going to try and over-analyse the shows because that has been done countless times, I just want to appreciate them for their beauty and aesthetics.

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