Chanel’s Boy Bag is about as popular, if not more so, than its classic quilted flap styles. I like the shape. It’s boxy and cool. For that reason I’ve been searching for a high-street dupe that looks fairly good quality. I’ve come across this one in Mango (a shop I love). Mango is a high-street store that offers good prices and also high quality. I’ve never bought anything from Mango that I wasn’t impressed with. In the spirit of my previous post, I thought now would be an apt time to post another Chanel related piece.

Each season there are new styles of the Boy Bag shown on the runway so for that reason this one may not be an exact match to one you see on the website. However, it is very similar. Same shape, has a thick strap with chains, and has some quilting on the front. What I like most about it is that it looks fairly spacious. I am someone who likes to carry a lot so I often shy away from more dainty, cross-body bags because I think I won’t be able to take everything with me. I do feel like you can fit a lot more in this bag than others (maybe not a book and a water bottle though…).

The Boy Bag is a popular style at the moment and is worn by lots of celebrities. Perhaps that’s why there’s finally some high street dupes. The classic quilted style can be found everywhere (and has been everywhere for as long as I remember) but it is only recently that this shape has made an appearance. As Nicki Minaj said, “these Chanel bags is a bad habit”: the only difference is her bags are legit (and hella expensive…).


Mango – £39.99 (appears to be sold out, try this alternative for the same price.)

Chanel is not available online, you can order via telephone or purchase in store. Alternatively, you can purchase a pre-owned bag on a site like Vestiaire Collective for £2650 or Portero for $3050.

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