Fashion Flashback: Givenchy Spring 2014

Okay, I’m not quite sure if this can count as a flashback considering it was only two (almost three…) years ago, but for me so much has changed in two years. Heck, people on instagram post photos from the week before using #tbt so why am I trying to justify this? Basically, I adore Riccardo Tisci and I want to look at his work all day long. Spring 2014 was the season after the Bambi sweatshirts that caused an uproar. Sweatshirts? On the runway? Outrageous. But it was something that Riccardo had done before. The lasting impact of them coupled with the fact that they sold well helped shut down the criticism quickly. The men’s ones continue to be sold to this day. Walk into Harvey Nichols and you’ll still see a pitbull on a t-shirt.

I remember seeing this show and loving it. When Imaan walked out wearing the brown, draped dress with the cut-outs I was amazed because she is just so beautiful, but then so was the dress. The stretch jersey fabric, especially with the draping, is something that is easy to wear on so many different bodies and is something that translated really well onto the high street. It was not too complex that interpretations looked shoddy and that was something I liked. The flat shoes (almost like sliders/Birkenstocks) were a huge thing in the summer of 2014 so you can see the trickle down effect of the collection. Riccardo is someone who is influential to the masses, perhaps because of his huge following.

The set, a circle of light on the concrete to serve as a runway around the car crash centrepiece, was interesting. I can’t help but think it could’ve done with being a little bit more lit as it was quite dark, but the clothes are clear to see in the runway images. The clothes combined with Pat McGrath’s incredible bejewelled masks made this a memorable show.




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