Things I want to buy (if I came into money…)

I got paid last week and the money is burning a hole in my pocket. There’s so much that I want to buy yet the cash only goes so far. For this reason, I write lists. I have many of them: a to-buy this month, a to-buy at some point in 2016, and a to-buy if I ever manage to save. This post is the last of the three. Realistically I’m not going to be able to afford anything on it because I’m saving for college but it’s nice to dream. I think I could live like a damn King if it weren’t for college savings but it will be so worth it in the end. Any time I think “oh, I wish I had money for [insert item that I don’t really need]”, I then remember that I’m moving to New York in literally a single digit number of months and I no longer care. Fuck. I’m moving to New York. I’m so excited, if you can’t already tell.

Since I’ve started working full time and therefore had a little more disposable income than I was used to having before I’ve been trying to buy nicer, slightly better quality items. Instead of loading a basket full of crap that I don’t actually need from the various online stores (who all seem to have the same clothes bought from the sale wholesaler, but at varying prices), I’ve been planning what I want and trying to source the best quality option in my budget. Of course, I still shop at Zara, Mango, Topshop, and the likes (I consider the quality to be fairly good for the most part but I’ve never experienced true luxury so I can’t really compare) and I struggle to resist a really good bargain on Missguided. However, I find myself increasingly longing for a good quality item that will last me forever. If I ever manage to save up for these items (and I think many are actually manageable), here’s what I would buy:

(I’ve added links to the items in the images, click and it will take you through to the retailer)


Gucci Soho Disco – £650 I actually have a bag from Mango which is a wonderful dupe of this (slightly larger though) and is my go-to bag for the weekend. If you ever look at my Polyvore, you’ll notice just how much I use this in sets. I find it very versatile.
Max Mara Manuela camel coat – £1125 This is a coat that I’ve wanted for years. It is a classic and for that reason I feel in no rush to buy it as I know that it will still be there in 10 years time. In the meantime, I have a wool camel coat which is similar (although a slightly different texture) that I know will keep me warm until one day I can afford to buy this.
Paul Andrew suede heels – $675 I first found out about his brand after watching “The Fashion Fund” tv show online where he was a contestant (if you haven’t watched it, let me assure you that it is more a documentary than it is reality tv). I like how his heels have a slight twist on your regular pointed heel styles. However, if I were to buy just your standard heels I think I’d buy either Manolo Blahnik or Jimmy Choo shoes, whatever one is more comfortable.
Dolce & Gabbana summer dress – £750 – 1500 Whilst this wouldn’t be the exact print I’d choose (I’d rather a floral), every season Dolce & Gabbana puts out a range of cotton dresses which I find so delightful. They make me think of a perfect little housewife who is taking the children on a picnic. Maybe I’ll buy myself one when I become a mother.
Emilio Pucci shirt – £460 I’m a real Pucci enthusiast. I go wild for the prints. I love scouring Etsy for vintage finds. However, this shirt from Yoox was a newer alternative. I’m currently looking for a great scarf too.
Altuzarra pencil skirt – £400ish (full price) This particular style is on sale so it’s unlikely that I’ll ever get it, but I’d love an Altuzarra pencil skirt of some description, even in plain black. The thigh slit takes an already sexy style to another level. I love them.
Alexander Wang sandals – £455 These are seemingly some of the most comfortable heels out there and I’m all for comfort plus height. Fortunately, these styles often make it onto the Outnet so I may be able to score a bargain some time in the near future.
Diane Von Furstenberg Julian Two Mini – £202.75 A shorter version of her classic style.

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