The Over-promotion of Zoolander 2

I love Zoolander, I really do. In fact, it is one of my favourite comedies. However, I am sick to death of all the promo for Zoolander 2. It’s too much. Everywhere I look there are posters, on Instagram I struggle to scroll down my feed without seeing Ben Stiller as Derek Zoolander on a magazine cover or doing a Vogue Youtube video or Ben Stiller as himself on the red carpet. They’ve set a Guinness World Record on the promotional tour for the length of a selfie stick. They’ve got almost everyone who is remotely connected to the fashion industry (and some of the big hitters, too) involved either in the movie or at least in the promo. For this, I should be excited. And believe me, when the sequel was announced I was wildly excited. Now that the movie comes out next week I am starting to want to see it less and less.

I truly hope it lives up to the hype. If not, this will all have been a big waste of time. Seriously, after I see it I’ll probably eat my words. However, in the meantime I want to see nothing else about it. Overexposure at its finest.

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