Carine Roitfeld x Uniqlo

I’m a million years late but I’ve finally got my hands on a couple of items from Carine’s second collection for Uniqlo. I’ve never been one to indulge in high/low collaborations (like the H&M annual designer ones or any of Uniqlo’s previous offerings) but I just love Carine’s style and when a few pieces that I had bookmarked went on sale I thought “why not?”.

From a lookbook shot on Uniqlo’s website. These are the tights I meant.

The main reason I didn’t buy from this collection when it was first released was not because I didn’t want to, but because I was too lazy to stay up late enough for it to go online. There was one item in the whole collection that I was dead set on buying, a pair of lacy tights that I thought would be a great alternative to the fantastic Chanel Pre-Fall ones which I will sell a kidney for (I mean, I have no idea how much they’ll cost, hopefully less than a kidney…). Anyway, because I thought I could leave it a whole 6 hours between midnight and when I woke up in the morning for work to buy the tights, I missed out on them. I guess other people thought they were a great dupe too!

The pieces that I bought were the suede wrap skirt and the jacquard pencil skirt, both for £14.90 each (down from £29.90, so practically buy one get one free, right?). The jacquard skirt has a matching jacket that I’d also like to buy but it is still £79.90. I might buy it if it gets further reduced but realistically I don’t need it. I also like the silk shirt which has a slightly flared cuff. I’m into interesting sleeves at the moment so I think this would be a cool thing to buy as well.

Carine Roitfeld has a really cool style. I love how she wears pencil skirts with bomber jackets and heels (always heels). She makes what could be thought of as exclusively office wear translate into effortless everyday pieces, but you can also still tell that there was some thought put into the look. Calculated casual perhaps? Also her magazine produces incredible editorials every issue. I think it’ll become a collectors item.

From the Dance issue, featuring Big Ang, perhaps my favourite reality TV star of all time. RIP.

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