I just watched the Balenciaga show again and I’m actually liking a lot of the pieces this time around. I also like how fast paced the show was because nobody has time to sit around for hours anymore, let’s be honest. I’m not sure I’d quite call myself a fan yet though. I’m simply not cool enough to wear this kind of clothes on a daily basis.

I didn’t want to fall for the whole Demna/Vetements hype just because I think the designs are quite pedestrian. The whole idea is so basic yet they’re getting so much praise for it. Seemingly it’s all about the construction and design as opposed to the basic pieces but some of their more famous pieces like the DHL printed t-shirt and the Champion parody style hoodies just seem bland. Maybe I’m missing the joke. I figure once American Vogue and the “establishment” deems you cool, perhaps you’re not any more? Of course they couldn’t ignore one of the most hyped about brands of recent but it just makes the rebellious, outsider brand feel a little less cool.

The Balenciaga show itself was actually better than I remembered it to be. There were a few looks that stood out to me, namely the off the shoulder and oversized trench coats, the leather jackets, and the red puffer jacket. I think I get that Demna’s whole idea is riffing off pieces that already exist and recreating them. However, is Balenciaga the correct platform to do this on? And does he really need another platform given the apparent success of Vetements, the collective in which he rose to fame? I also can’t fully support a man who implements an all-white casting policy for the show. That’s not cool.

Indeed, when your own brand which is known for parodies is parodied itself it may be time to think bigger. Plus, the Vetememes jacket was funny. This all kind of reminds me of Jeremy Scott’s Moschino in a way. Shocking at first, and still a big seller each season, but ultimately not too relevant unless you’re a fashion blogger or cool kid. I’m neither. Both are shows that I enjoy looking at for fun but not for serious buying inspiration.

For further thoughts on this topic, read this wonderful post by The Man Repeller, perhaps one of the only fashion bloggers to dislike the brand.


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