Vogue Festival 2016 – Before the Event

Since its inception only a few years ago, I have wondered about the Vogue Fashion Festival. Is it just another money maker trying to trick the public into thinking that they’re going to a fashion show (a la The Clothes Show: Live) or is it something actually worth going to? In the past they’ve secured some fantastic people to be the subject of interviews such as John Galliano so I have always been intrigued. This year, I bought tickets.

I actually think the festival seems to be in its best format yet. You buy a ticket to the specific event you want to see (a talk, a masterclass, a panel etc.) and this ticket gains you access to the entire festival for the day as well as the event you’ve paid for.

I went ahead and bought a ticket to Grace Coddington because I have adored her for years and years. In fact, she is one of the people who make fashion the magical place that it is through her wonderful editorials over the years. Now that she has stepped down from doing Vogue full time I assume she has more time and freedom to participate in events like this. Her session will be led by Lucinda Chambers, Fashion Director of British Vogue, who was formerly Grace’s assistant in days long gone by. I am particularly excited for this talk. I also bought a ticket for the Vetements talk (not featuring Demna but led by Suzy Menkes), you know, in the spirit of learning and whatnot. Then for the Sunday I bought a ticket to see Dolce & Gabbana, led by Alexandra Shulman. I know that’s quite a few but I thought “when in London”, because it isn’t like I’m there very often. Some other key speakers are Alessandro Michele of Gucci (closing the festival on the Sunday), Kim Kardashian (I’m pretty sure her talk sold out quickly), and Alexa Chung and her gang of cool friends – and I’m not going to lie, I kind of like her now. The Future of Fashion series she has been doing on British Vogue’s YouTube channel is incredible.

Anyway, I shall return with an update after I’ve attended to let you know if it was any good/if I’d go back in the future. There are still tickets left to many of the events if you are interested!

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