Shopping Find: Isa Arfen VS The Reformation VS Zara

I mentioned it in a previous post and I’ll say it again: I love frills. I love a little flounce in a skirt, or, in this case, a flared hem of a pant leg. Adore. I find the style flirty and feminine without being too girly for me. Bonus points if the item is black. Sometimes I find that a ballerina pink, although pretty, can look a little bit too young for me.

I first seen these trousers on Zara’s website, around a month ago, and since then I haven’t been able to find them again. I’m sure they were current season though so I don’t imagine that they sold out. A few days later I was flicking through a magazine when I seen this pair from Isa Arfen, a London-based label started by a CSM graduate. Instantly I thought they looked similar to the Zara pair that I had spotted previously. Later on that same week I was looking on the Reformation’s website. I actually love the aesthetic of this store, although I have never shopped there personally so I cannot vouch for them. I’ve heard a few negative whispers online about the brand but I’m not sure how much truth is behind this. All I really know is that they consistently make items that become “it” in places like New York and sell out every season.

All three pairs of trousers are visually similar, or practically the same. The biggest difference is the price tag. Here I’ve managed to come across variants of the same style for three different price points. From what I remember, the Zara trousers were around £30 and were not a satin fabric. The Reformation’s style is in a stretch twill, the most similar to the Zara ones from what I can recall, and cost $178. The Isa Arfen pair cost £406 on Farfetch and are made of a shiny cotton mix fabric.


Zara (check in stores)

Isa Arfen – £406 (via Farfetch)

The Reformation – $178

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