Photographers I Currently Like – Part 2

As a follow-up to my earlier post about photographers I’m now going to showcase some of the lesser known, more upcoming photographers in fashion. Some of them have been working for years and are now being featured in bigger fashion publications like Vogue (the big 4 instead of smaller international editions) and others work mainly with indie magazines. For me, a common thread between all of the people mentioned is that they take photos that I think are worth looking at instead of just flicking past in the magazine – that is super important to me.

We live in a world that is so over saturated with images. You probably see hundreds of different ones every day on adverts, on various social media channels (especially Snapchat), in magazines. To actually take a photo that makes someone stop and have a second look instead of just quickly scrolling down to the next thing or flicking the page until something else jumps out is a skill. How an image comes together cannot be fully credited to the photographer, however. The model, stylist, entire glam team, art directors, and the whole team in the background is partially responsible too. In this post I am just pointing out the photographers though. See the rest of my picks below:

Sante D’Orazio

CR Girls – CR Fashion Book Spring/Summer 2016

See full editorial here.

Tyrone Lebon

First Light – British Vogue February 2016

See full editorial here.

Zee Nunes

Runaways – Vogue Brasil August 2015

See full editorial here.

Naomi Campbell cover – Vogue Brasil May 2016

Janneke Van Der Hagen

Trip Tease – CR Fashion Book Spring/Summer 2016

See full editorial here.

Vera by Janneke – Numero China December 2015

See full editorial here.



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