The September Issues 2016

Now that we are finally in September, I’m going to showcase my personal favourites from fashion publications all around the globe. I decided to wait until August was over so I could look at all of the magazines that came out and judge them all instead of posting prematurely when we were still waiting on images being released. For example, Vogue Italia doesn’t come out until the very end of the month. Anyway, see this year’s picks below:

1 – W Magazine

Rihanna for W Magazine
Rihanna for W Magazine – Alternative Cover

Photographer: Steven Klein

Stylist: Edward Enninful

Make Up: Pat McGrath

This is badass. As soon as I seen it I was obsessed. I think I actually commented on Edward Enninful’s Instagram (and I never comment on famous people). So incredible. The lighting, the jewels, the regal pose. Rihanna is a better model than half of the models working today. She is truly an icon.

2 – Harper’s Bazaar USA

Kimye for Harper’s Bazaar

Photographer: Karl Lagerfeld

Stylist: Carine Roitfeld

Normally I hate Kimye as a couple, but recently I have come around to them. I actually don’t mind Kim anymore. She seems sweet. She won my support by sticking up for her husband against Taylor Swift. I always thought that Kanye just wanted to mould Kim into her perfect little doll and I found it odd but I think there is probably more to their relationship than that. Plus, they have the cutest kids. And finally, the interview is funny. That can excuse the lack of actual fashion on the cover (like, there is literally no jewellery even, how is this ok with the advertisers?).

3 – Vogue Australia

Selena Gomez for Vogue Australia

Photographer: Emma Summerton

Stylist: Sally Lyndley

I’m loving Selena Gomez in Louis Vuitton. I think her style evolution should be commended. I like the colours on this cover and I definitely think it will stand out amongst all of the other magazines on the shelf.

4 – InStyle USA

Kerry Washington for InStyle

Photographer: Thomas Whiteside

This cover has actually received quite a few negative comments online but I like it. For one, the font is great (very Woody Allen). Visually, the cover is so pretty and soft and the lipstick looks great. Plus it’s Kerry Washington and I love her.

5 – Vogue Russia

Irina Shayk for Vogue Russia

Photographer: Mert & Marcus

I actually think this is the hottest photo I’ve ever seen; Irina Shayk has undeniable sex appeal. The colourful masthead tones the cover down in a way, and I think that may be necessary. Plus, her hair looks amazing. I really like this.


And the rest…

I didn’t really like the cover of Vogue Paris but the editorial that accompanied it was actually very beautiful. Both Taylor Hill & Bella Hadid are stunning models. Also, I really liked the Back to Black editorial.

I didn’t hate the actual cover image of American Vogue but I didn’t like the casting, nor did I like the tagline used. I’m so bored of the whole focus being on social media (the same goes for VP’s Instagram Generation line). The jacket on the cover was pretty cool but I didn’t find the cover impressive. My pick would’ve been Winona Ryder. She’s beautiful, mature (and more appropriately aged given the actual readership of the magazine), and once again relevant due to Stranger Things on Netflix.

I was hoping for more from Vogue Italia, purely because I waited so long to see the cover. I’m not sure what I would’ve preferred but I just didn’t like the cover image. It isn’t something I’d stop and look at on the newsstand.

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