Fashion Flashback: Prada Fall 2005

Prada released their entire archives online sometime last year. When I first looked at it I was in heaven. Prada has always been one of my favourite brands. Ever since I knew there was such a thing as luxury, I knew Prada. I’ve always wanted to buy into that lifestyle. This collection is one that I could’ve purchased an entire wardrobe from and is actually one of my favourites in the brand’s history. It is stripped back and wearable, not like the sometimes overstyled collections we see nowadays. I still adore Prada and gravitate towards the pieces when I see them in editorials or in stores but I do often feel a little overwhelmed by the runway show’s styling.


The collection is as close to minimalism as Prada can be and is full of pieces that would work on a day to day basis. Being devoid of bright colours and wild prints brings an entirely different feel to this brand. In fact, I find it very Max Mara. Some may find that slightly insulting as not everybody sees the two brands as standing on the same level but I love them perhaps just as much as each other. For one, they’re both luxurious, glamorous Italian brands, although Prada is just more kooky.

I know I mention this with almost every mid-2000s collection that I post, but I just adore the models. I wish models nowadays were cut from the same cloth as Sasha Pivovarova and Freja Beha. Mid 2000s models have received a somewhat cult following on websites like Tumblr and I have to admit that I am one of the fans. I wonder who, out of the current batch of girls, will stick out from shows in 10 years time like these girls do. I think the anonymity of the older models helped their career longevity. You didn’t get sick of a model the same way you do now. Plus, they didn’t have social media (which can both make and break a girl – e.g. Gigi Hadid versus Ondria Hardin).

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