Let me start this off by saying I loved this season’s YSL show. I’m excited to see what more Anthony Vaccarello is going to do. But let me also say, I didn’t notice too big a shift between this season and Hedi’s work. In fact, if I didn’t know the creative director had changed I probably would never have guessed it. The stand out piece from the show were the YSL shaped heels. They were so killer. I actually posted a photo of them on my Instagram. To me they were logomania in the best way possible. Slightly vulgar but also cool as hell.

The YSL logo has been an issue of contention for Hedi Slimane, the departed designer who seems to be having real issues with his former employer. Hedi was accused of trying to do away with the YSL logo (which makes sense as he changed the house’s name to Saint Laurent Paris from Yves Saint Laurent) but he claims that this is not the case. In fact, he went on a Twitter rant detailing the many times in which he used the logo and promoted it. I’m not sure why he felt compelled to address this but whatever.


I am curious to know what actually went down between him and the company. There still seems to be drama that has not yet been played out and as we know his departure was rather sudden and (sort of) unexpected. For one, profits were at a high. So why did he really go? I read a good comment on a Fashionista article where someone theorised that he promised the owners a billion in sales and then he could do couture and they didn’t give him couture when he made that money so he left. That sounds plausible to me. I guess if we stay tuned on Twitter we may find out sometime soon…

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