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Covers styled by Patti Wilson over the years, from
Covers styled by Patti Wilson over the years, from

The idea of editorial styling is of great interest to me at the moment. It’s something I’ve always been interested in but never thought was possible. I always find it inspiring to read about how top stylists got their start. In Patti Wilson’s interview with, she tells the story of how she was waitressing then was recommended to style and it all began to fall into place. I wonder if a similar thing could happen for me or if I would have to actively pursue things alone. I think times have changed and serendipitous moments like that are becoming even more rare.

Patti has worked with some of the greatest photographers (she is a frequent Meisel collaborator), as well as some of the greatest publications (Vogue Italia, for one) and she shows no signs of stopping. Read the article (linked) to find out more about her career path.

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