Fashion Flashback: Gucci Fall 1996

Tom Ford’s Gucci is associated with sex. That’s the key word that people always use to describe his work at the house, and can you blame them? Button down shirts unbuttoned all the way down, floor length furs, shirts and dresses cut down to the naval were all staples of his era. There were also pant suits with pinstripes and some nice overcoats. However, they were paired with the aforementioned shirts. Everything was sexed up. It worked. In a time where models were critcised for not being sexy, Tom Ford dressed them in a way that may have looked too much on the 80s supers.

Models like Kate Moss, Kirsty Hume, and Jodie Kidd all walked in this show, each wearing multiple looks and looking great in each and every one of them. The most iconic pieces from this collection were the Halston-esque white jersey dresses at the end. They were almost understated with random cut outs that were much more risque at the time than they are now.  The campaign images, on the other hand, are still fairly shocking now because of just how suggestive they are.

I feel like Tom’s Gucci collections have got less and less shocking as time goes by, purely because almost everything has been done now. We are desensitised to nudity and sex because it is commonplace. Fashion has perhaps gone as far as it can. Whilst Tom’s looks were boundary pushing at the time, they’re fairly tame for nowadays. In this collection in particular there are no micro minis and the models are actually covered up. Of course, Tom did do collections that were more like what I just described also (Spring 2003 in particular) but this one was actually fairly tame, despite the shock it caused.

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