Vogue Japan – December 2016

I adore this Vogue Japan/Nippon cover of Gigi Hadid, shot by Luigi & Iango and styled by Anna Dello Russo. The slightly blurred effect in her face plus the make-up reminded me of an 80s supermodel, the true generation. This could be Christy Turlington or Linda Evangelista to me and that’s a big statement for me to make given the fact that they are in a whole other stratosphere than Gigi and her peers.

I’m slowly coming around to the Hadid’s, more so Bella than Gigi. I do think Bella is truly stunning (even if she’s had work done) and she actually seems like a really cool girl. I can imagine myself being friends with her more than I can Gigi somehow. Bella has good style for sure. Gigi does seem like a nice girl though and I can’t grudge her success. I think it’s easy to down on the Kardashians and the Hadids and the Baldwins and all of the famous-for-being-famous models or Instagirls but it’s also a sign of the times. You can’t be bitter because of change. I do miss the older generation of models and I preferred it when social media didn’t determine if a model would become successful or not because it definitely can overshadow talent. Modelling was something I used to be super passionate about (not myself personally but watching other people’s careers grow). I used to scour the new faces boards of agencies online and try to predict who would make it. I chose Anna Ewers, yay!

Anyway, I really love this cover and I’ll buy it if I ever see it. The editorial accompanying it (entitled My Princess) was nice too. Gigi is very pouty and it gives me real Irina Shayk vibes. The styling is also a little bit more subdued than Anna Dello Russo normally does which surprised me a little bit. It was slightly Carine in my eyes. I really adored it to be honest. I’ll include the editorial below:

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