I love #mycalvins

Honestly, I love the #mycalvins ad series. It is one of the few things in fashion that has got me truly excited in the past few months. I’ve said it a few times before, fashion isn’t inspiring to me right now. I look in stores and I struggle to find any clothes that I want to buy. I flick through magazines and I do exactly that – flick through. Nothing is stopping me and grabbing my attention. That is, nothing apart from the #mycalvins ads.

Calvin Klein is a brand that I have been focused on a lot recently, purely because it is in an exciting transitional phase at the moment. Raf Simons is the new Creative Director and I am eagerly anticipating his first collection. I can’t wait to see what he does and what shift he makes. The departure of Francisco Costa was surprising to me but I am happy to see Raf again, just because I’m a fangirl (of course, if you’re into fashun, you’re into Raf). I’ve actually written a couple of essays/reports about Calvin Klein for classes this semester, and I’ve chosen to do so for this reason.

The #mycalvins campaign is one of the most savvy digital campaigns I’ve ever seen. I’ve never wanted to engage with a hashtag before but it has me wanting to post a selfie wearing my own Calvin Klein underwear. Not only that but the casting of the ads are impeccable. They used a diverse range of models, musicians, and people who are really influential (but not influencers) to create a campaign that made young people want to be a part of it. Now more than ever before, in my opinion, do people want to rock Calvin Klein. Girls and guys.

What’s so funny to me is that Calvin Klein has moved from clothes to just underwear, graphic t-shirts and denim now (in most Millenials/Gen Z’s minds), perhaps as a result of the campaign and the spread of the brand to Instagram users around the world. Urban Outfitters has a range in almost every store I’ve visited. I have a friend who wore a Calvin Klein t-shirt with a pencil skirt (and looked damn good doing so). The casual element of the brand is so different than what the mainline collection presents.

I am just wondering if Raf will continue on in this current direction with his collections or if he will completely transform the brand into something different? I like to keep in mind that Calvin Klein started off way back in the 60s and only entered in underwear market in the 80s, yet underwear is what most of us think of when we think of Calvin Klein. Everyone knows of the Kate Moss/Mark Wahlberg ads or the Brooke Shields (original) my Calvins ads. Maybe Raf’s direction will head back towards focusing on Calvin Klein Collection instead of Jeans and Underwear which seems to have overtaken in the young consumer’s mind. But maybe he doesn’t need to do that? Perhaps the beauty of the Calvin Klein brand is all of the different options available at the various price points. Not too many people can actually afford Collection. All in all, I love #mycalvins and I hope the campaign runs for at least another season.

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