Shopping Find: Steve Madden vs Marc Jacobs


These boots from Steve Madden (right) look almost identical to the boots from Marc Jacobs (left). Strikingly so. That’s why I bought them. I’m not a huge fan of the whole copycat economy in fashion, yet I consistently partake in it by buying pieces from brands who profit off of other people’s work. Steve Madden’s entire business is built on this. It’s complicated because if you cannot achieve the original should you have to go without? Honestly, I have mixed feelings. I disagree, strongly, with counterfeits but inspired designs are a different case. That is where these boots land. In that tricky space between a counterfeit and a knockoff. And yes, there is a difference.

The obvious difference between the two is the fabrications. The Marc Jacobs boots are made of real leather versus the Steve Madden ones which are PU. However, what surprised me was the fact that the Marc Jacobs boots also have a seam at the front where the leather is joined. Often in high end boots, the leather is seamless, cut all in one to prevent any extra lines. I guess because Marc Jacobs boots aren’t at a true luxury price point ($500+) they are exempt from this rule, or more so this tendency.

I just love the look of platforms. They remind me of the Spice Girls. I like to feel like I am walking on stilts when I wear them, especially as I’m fairly short so the extra height is fun for me. They also have the ability to make your legs look 6ft long, even if they’re not and make your calves look sculpted. I bought the Steve Madden version on sale for $50 and I’m excited to wear them. I only received them in the mail on the 13th so I can’t personally vouch for their comfort level yet. However, aesthetically they are on point. I would suggest ordering a size up from your regular size as they run small. I had to switch them out the first time I bought them.


Steve Madden – $50, from $129.95

Marc Jacobs (via Barneys) – $475

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