EDITORIAL: Natalie Westling in T Magazine "Cross Fit Fashion"

I found myself inspired by this editorial in the March 26th 2017 issue of T Magazine featuring one of my favorite models, Natalie Westling, shot by Craig McDean. I really loved the simplicity of this editorial as I think it allowed the impeccable styling to really shine on its own. The prop of the motorbike in the background wasn’t a distraction and I think the images are so much more effective against a solid background as opposed to being shot on a street scene or any other outdoor setting. Marie-Amelie Sauve picked out great pieces to feature and made Natalie into the ultimate cool girl. Honestly, I think that she embodies this persona 100% because I think it is just who she is in her personal life and it’s so believable. I love that about her.  Sometimes models are made to behave a certain way in images to get the look that the stylist or photographer envisioned and it can seem phony if it is too far from who they really are. However, in this shoot I am convinced. Also, I think she looks especially beautiful in these images as her facial features seem more defined than before, with her cheekbones looking more contoured than I remembered.

See the full editorial below:

This outfit is my favorite from the shoot


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