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According to the below article from the New York Times, festival fashion has become such a big deal that retailers are almost thinking of “festival” as its own season. Landing in stores after the spring collections drop but before pre-fall arrives, the mini-season’s collections are increasingly important. The evolution of this trend has undoubtedly been marked by the Instagram-fodder that is Coachella. So much so that H&M has created a collection specifically for Coachella, the popular California desert music festival that spans two weekends. 

There has been a lot of criticism of Coachella in the past, not so much for the lineups but more so for the festival-goers. People have been described as posers for putting more effort into their outfits than actually having fun and enjoying the music. Everything about the festival has boiled down to the perfect Instagram shot. Coachella fashion has been the topic on every fashion outlet that I’ve read over the past few weeks, ranging from in-depth business articles like the aforementioned piece by New York Times to style & shopping guides to satire pieces about how not to be “that girl” at Coachella (i.e. the one in the culturally appropriative headdress). I’ve seen stylists doing their edit for their celebrity clients who are attending the festival, filled with designer pieces and impractical outfits that really have no place at a music festival but still are super cute (think Kylie Jenner’s all over bodystocking last year). I’ve also seen people on YouTube discussing their Coachella purchases, with one buying a Chloe & Valentino bags to take with them. It just shows that both high end designers and fast-fashion retailers are benefitting from the hype of the festival. Type in “Coachella lookbook 2017” on YouTube and there’s already 100k hits.

I haven’t attended Coachella myself so I can’t personally comment on it. However, I found it interesting just how big the whole festival phenomenon has become and how it benefits the fashion industry so much. I’m curious to see how long this lasts as well as I was under the impression that the whole Coachella bubble was about to burst. I am keen on attending Panorama Festival here in New York in the summer. On the Friday both Solange and Frank Ocean are performing so I’d love to see that. Are there any festivals on your to-go list?

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