This summer has been a strange time. I went into it with the best intentions and things didn’t pan out exactly as I had planned but instead it turned out better. As it always tends to be, things work out exactly as they are supposed to. Now we are midway through summer and I feel like things are finally falling into place. I’m excited to see what August brings and how things change moving into late summer, early autumnal times.

I had said on this blog a few times before that I had wanted to be a stylist. I was doing some test shoots (and I have some great images that I do like) and trying to build my portfolio by myself, whilst gaining as much on-set experience as I could before hopefully branching out on my own. I think a large part of this aspiration was due to the fact that it was a job that I could do in LA, as well as a way to be creative and have fun. However, I soon realized that I am not cut out for doing something like that full-time. I could do styling for fun but I wouldn’t want to do that as a career because I am somebody who is a lot more analytical and I need something that makes better use of these skills instead of the creative part which is where I am less talented. I am definitely a left-brain person.

My left-brain tendencies are why I’ve decided to pursue merchandising. Instead of buying, a job that I am probably directly trained for in my degree, I have decided to go down the other, closely related route. It gives you the opportunity to work directly for a brand instead of a retailer, but you can also work for a retailer too. Five years down the line, I would love to be working for a Los Angeles based brand or store, like Maxfield or Fwrd or even Tom Ford. We shall see where this path takes me but so far I think it is the best decision I’ve made yet.

And hey, today is my half birthday. We’re more than halfway through the year; I’m halfway through being 19. Almost no longer a teenager. Finally!

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