Text Message Interviews

Fashionista.com posted an article pointing out the new trend in publishing of conducting in-depth conversations with people, usually the cover stars of the magazine, entirely via text messages or email. Instead of face-to-face meetings, the stars are providing all of their answers in writing. This way their words cannot be changed, taken out of context, or misinterpreted. But is this the end of a traditional profile? Is that sad or not?

I think it is sad if you want to get any genuine emotion or unexpected answers from someone. Social media has made us uber conscious of our words. People choose their own captions which they can go back and edit at any moment. Celebrities no longer have “gossip” because they control what goes out there. As the title of the famous blog goes, Pop Culture Died in 2009. The birth of social media killed the celebrity as we knew them. No longer were they an enigma. They became real. And real people can be in control of their actions. Crazy gossip no longer holds much clout the same way it did ten years ago because people can go on Instagram or Snapchat and prove where they were, what they were doing. As a famous person, this new way of business is probably great. It gives you a lot more control of your image and what is said about you.

I just think that this is kind of boring. If I were a writer who had been assigned a cover story with a great star, I’d take great delight in meeting up with them. For one, you can establish a lot more of a backstory and set the scene at the beginning of the piece. Plus, you get to meet the subject and learn a lot more about them as a person than you can via messages. You will never get a true sense of their personality digitally. Seems like a strange step in publishing and I hope this isn’t the future.

Eve Gardiner is the founder and content creator behind evegardiner.com

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