(Belated) Weekly Words: 26th August 2017

“What to Watch: Twin Peaks: Two Yves Saint Laurent Museums Will Open in the Fall” – WWD

Are Paris or Marrakesh high up on your to-visit list? Now they should be. Pierre Bergé is opening an Yves Saint Laurent museum in each of the aforementioned cities, featuring a permanent collection of the designer’s work spanning decades. Both are set to open in October. I have actually been to two different exhibitions of Yves Saint Laurent’s work. One was at the Museum at FIT. It was an exhibition comparing Yves Saint Laurent and Halston as the two were oft-compared for their similar aesthetics (mainly with people saying that Halston was the American Saint Laurent). The second was focused solely on the designer and it was at the Bowes Museum in England. I had to drive a long way to get to the museum but it was so worth it. Hopefully one day I’ll get to make the journey back to Paris and (for the first time) to Marrakesh to visit the permanent collections. Yves Saint Laurent has been my favourite designer for almost my entire life so a museum of this standard is prolific to me.

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