Milan Fashion Week Highlights – Spring 2018

Yay! Italy! Milan Fashion Week was always my favorite out of the four weeks when I was younger. Now with the revamped Gucci, Milan is even more of a staple than it used to be. Some people even skip London and go straight to Milan from New York. I used to always love Milan because I felt that the designers often presented a unified front in the sense that they always designed very feminine and womanly clothes. I also used to love Dolce & Gabbana and I looked forward to the show each season. Now I don’t care for it as much as before but I can still appreciate the beauty. Things have changed slightly but Milan still remains one of the highlights of fashion month for me.

I love the monogram skirt at Gucci.
Cardigan goals at Gucci.
Like pajamas, but more chic c/o Gucci.
Always here for a leopard print coat c/o Gucci.
Another fantastic cardigan c/o Gucci.
I love the print on this coat and the fur cuffs. I do not like how, out of 108 looks, only 8 of the models were black. Come on Gucci….
A very pretty collection from Fausto Puglisi and not at all what my preconceived notion of his work is.
I love this print at Francesco Scognamiglio.
Same again at Francesco Scognamiglio.
I love this sheer trench at Max Mara.
I love this look from head to toe because of the variety of textures used and the great color palette, c/o Salvatore Ferragamo
I love how this riffs on the lace-up trend of the past few seasons but gives it an elegant twist via the use of a silk scarf / ribbon, c/o Salvatore Ferragamo.
Versace was the best show of Milan, purely because of all of the self-referential, throwback styles.
Looooove the dress and the boots together. I wish I could wear this look. (Still Versace, of course.)
Omg. That’s all. (Versace, still.)
One of the most understated, but still glam, looks of the Versace show.
Very cool, at Prada.
I wonder if the sleeves on this coat are permanently rolled up? At Prada.
Amaaazing jacket at Prada.
I want to see this yellow shirt by itself because I think it would be super cute and wearable, c/o Prada.

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