The Précis: 27th January 2018

“Hedi Slimane is the new Creative Director of Céline” – Fashionista

Much ado has been made regarding Hedi Slimane’s appointment at Céline. The announcement was made last weekend. I woke up to various news blasts on my email and was immediately excited by the news. You see, I am one of the people that actually really loves what Slimane did at Saint Laurent (although I do still wish he didn’t rename the brand). I thought his designs were cohesive and so effortlessly cool. Both his girl and guy were people I’d either want to be or be with. His appointment at Céline is a rather strange one though, I will admit that. His aesthetic is not at all in line with the feeling that Phoebe Philo has worked hard for a decade to create. People have taken great offence to this, plus the fact that Céline is a very minimalist, also feminist brand. Women are not sexualized when wearing Céline and a lot of people are worried that the direction will change completely and that they will lose what was once so special about it. I am excited to see what Slimane will do and if his personal aesthetic will be as strong as it was on Saint Laurent and the brand’s direction. You have to remember that Slimane totally transformed the finances of Saint Laurent and was a very welcome addition at Kering; LVMH probably hopes that he will do the same thing at Céline. They are adding menswear, couture, and fragrance, plus opening an office in Los Angeles (where Slimane is based). His first show will be in September at Paris Fashion Week.

“All Good Magazines Go To Heaven” – The New York Times

Keeping an archive of fashion magazines is something that every fashion lover does. Whether yours dates back just a few years or even a few decades, having the physical copies of the magazines that you once read and thought nothing of proves so valuable in years going forward. You can see the change in style in all areas – the actual apparel and accessories, typography, prose, graphic design, and layout – plus marvel at the advertising which actually makes up the bulk of the book. For most people, their magazine habit often gets a little too much and they end up disposing of them without even thinking about the long term value, monetary or otherwise. This article discusses someone who has kept them all, and has an archive going back for decades spanning various categories of publications. Talk about life goals…

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