The Précis: 3rd February 2018

Fenty Beauty on track to outsell Kylie Cosmetics” – The Cut

Every pop culture outlet has covered this story in great depth, but is it just for clicks? In my opinion, yes. Kylie Cosmetics, a direct to consumer brand, which has been a phenomenal success in its two years of operations just happens to be founded by a celebrity, Kylie Jenner; Fenty Beauty, Rihanna’s brand in partnership with Kendo, the distribution company behind Kat Von D’s eponymous line, is sold wholesale to Sephora and outlets across the globe like Harvey Nichols in the UK. Why is it that these two brands with an entirely different business model and varying product lines are being compared? Because the two founders generate clicks. I have bought products from both of the brands and have found them all to be good quality. People love to drag Kylie Jenner because of who she is but really her brand is good, regardless of the pricing or sales. Fenty Beauty is also a great brand with fantastic packaging and an almost infinite shade range. It’s time to start thinking of them separately and if you want to make comparisons do it with like brands – don’t compare apples with oranges. A Fenty Beauty comparison could be to Kat Von D or even a line like Tarte or Anastasia Beverly Hills; A Kylie Cosmetics comparison could only really be Colorpop or Glossier.

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